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Internalized censorship isn’t the answer to external censorship.

I’m going to take the step here of going outside of what seems to be the site policy and the position of several moderators and say it should not be the position of SE to censor its content or the content of its sub-sites.

And we really do not want that, given that many people use the SE network for work-related purposes.

I think we need to be clear about how we need to handle this.

Some articles may include images, text, or links which are relevant to the topic but that some people find objectionable.

An answer to this meta question on Movies & TV cites the network content policy as saying, "Sexually Explicit Material.

Clearly, the argument we must censor to avoid censorship does not hold water.

It is of course likely that certain topics will result in blocking in some context, but those are difficult to predict and potentially damaging to attempt to avoid.

This issue has already been addressed in what I think is a very elegant way by Wikipedia.

To quote What Wikipedia is Not: Because anyone can edit an article and most edits are displayed immediately, inappropriate material may appear before it can be removed.

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