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It Is a provision for home rlo by popular voto I favor extem Uag the statute law bo as to cooiplflf.-wi cpuft Ututloh for a unlfora eowity unit. It Is said that ready .produces a surplus of ,000,000 Perry B. Jesse Harris Is on the sick Ml& fine Hampshire iplgs.

J, "Thait s the plank of the last "Republican fctate 'filatiuraii. Ferry Declares for The'Farnier is Going to Ask This excellent senmon at this place last Sunday evening from John on Narrowly Escapes Death. Tichenor, under conditions, was the same one which an the 'prisons and politics. Wheat now Luther Ellis, a joung man who was The vessel was round Cape Ha Uteras; and the Klesher also brought in a O'Rear Is now a judge of our high pays, 23- cents pr bushel. The planing on tho return trip, the same coast pair of barges. He has done no will but wheat Is a world mill had been abandoned and it is pro where the norther caught the ship gothere are four thousand bags of corn more nor less than construe the law nroduoe and w hat more Canada market bable that his body remained there ing down and gave tho passengers to a barge, (which would make i3,-0- as It Is written, and there 13 not a in thefumtid States mill be that much all night. When another norther bags, and at two bushels to the reputable whiskey man in the State lass to be markettd in 'Liverpool which had contain! reasons, none of them wqr- - WImsatt, the 19th Inst, a boy, chrisand other . Sow will wwlgh name at the head of our columns and Grow Johnson visited Miss said Miss Lane, "but Senator Bradley Pigs are four weeks old why we have no second choice In the list.

"In the meantime, I think It possi ble under our existing system to read just the burden jot taxation so as to raise all the revenue required at the present rate-"Th-e about one-ha- lf heaviest tax the State now Is In bad roads. Oscar Allen is visiting her The Republicans of Kentucky are A man must carry a better head parents at Round Hill, at the pres-en- Leaves Perilous Place on Ship 'Ok to be congratulated on material from than 'we have to fissure out all the ef writing. We think of the these losses will be suffered by live- again.

I rarfvmflv nil nint ml tfi eood Trf roads amendment to tho constitution. Only Moment Before Rush Oun traveling salesmen, Mes3Ts. Mondll, of Wyoming, remained on the others in a group, we think of O'Rear stock "raisers.

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The Hartford republican: March 31, 1911 The Hartford republican: March 31, 1911 The Hartford republican 300dpi TIFF G4 page images Barnett & Milligan Hartford, KY 1911 hao1911033101_sn86069313 These pages may be freely searched and displayed. Roy Stevens mho lias measles, aro all doing well and Gov, Thatch Saturday April 1, Owens ago On naxt great cyclone ls soma bettor. Mr J AVJ Kahn, Morgantown, was was operand upon there last Saturday told me It I'd stay t litre two months uvvensboro is tho only teaiuthat hore last weelc on business, Prepared for Stock Shipments. but for gn H Stones and while he has soida has defeated the W.

That has never been convplkxl with, exocipt as to countks having cities not larger that the fifth class. l tho State prisons out of polltlcs4m-pravln- g attempt to give reasons he should United Stat be nominated. No corrections have been made to the OCR-ed text and no editing has be en done to the content of the original document. DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF ALL Ti PEOPLE OF OHIO COUNTY. To restore ithe cfiulllbrlum, 1 favor abolishing fcho Third House. lidding to a great solicita trom tions irom itepuuucans unu nearly as imany other votero not Republicans, I announce that I will male the race for Governor tills fall as the nominee of the Republican, party, if such bo tho will of the iparty. Encoding has been done through an automated process using the recommendations for Level 1 of the TEI in Librar ies Guidelines. If that will not effect tlio desired result, then I would favor an amendment to the' constitution, plac Lng la the Jiands of the people the initiative and referendum In legislation of a general char, acter Involving a settled policy and the recall of (public officials. 0'Rear has at last set at neat tho speculation whlch Jiasiboen jgolng on for several months with re- $. "In a repressentatj'jve government, as ours, equal representation Is the tyrst essential. Foster was using tp haul Th ound trip is reported to haver House vtews he would gain two from inde In larirr I'rotectlon thanv any other that Tichenor was charged with be- been o'k. of the roughest ever experisome properties: to f became frlghten-- J pendents that are opposed to license class; "hut when tho direct Protecblon ing the father of the child. Lizzie Blackburn Saturday reasure Thatcher that his place was ed.

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Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. the ueniucsy thought this part ot tho State, doing er In particular Is really growing Robt. play a gaino of Dasceared near Hartford, is very ill ak Somlnarv will much damage.

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