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Educating the partner about the addiction is only a part of the initial phase.They are also assisted in stabilising themselves after the traumatic disclosure or discovery.Initial phases of treatment for the spouse mirror initial phases of treatment for the addict.The sex addict’s partner has the opportunity to be fully heard and educated about the disease their partner suffers from, in an effort to help them understand the addict’s behaviours — which are often very confusing and contradictory to how they behave in other manners.Connecting with other people who are going through the same thing can also be beneficial.Sex addiction therapist Joy Rosendale who has lead numerous support groups says that “although there is usually huge reluctance for partners to seek help, let alone come into a group, because of the privacy and shame, something happens in these groups that liberates these women.” She adds “I say women because in my experience, it is usually women who access them.” A large focal point of these support groups is to educate spouses about sex addiction.

Spouses often display the classic PTSD signs and require treatment for that as well as guidance through the addict’s ongoing recovery process.

An example of this is Rachel, who felt that her husband had become disinterested in sex, until he eventually confessed that he was a sex addict.

When confronted with the truth, Rachel remembers thinking “my life fell apart.” Sex addiction affects partners in a unique way to any other addiction.

While connecting with other partners who are going through the same thing may not be possible in Hong Kong currently, as there are only support groups for sex addicts (S. It is a professionally led group especially designed to help the loved ones of addicted individuals achieve recovery themselves; but with a more personalised focus, as participants can access individual counselling sessions as well.

At The Cabin, when a sex addict seeks treatment, it is highly encouraged for the spouse to enter treatment as well.

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According to the NHS sex addiction website, sex addiction could “involve sex with a partner, but it may also mean activities such as viewing pornography, masturbation, visiting prostitutes or using sex chat lines.” Here are the 10 types of sex addiction most commonly treated.

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