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TA has indicated that they would prefer we refer people to websites where they can gather information and it might be best if you were to do that instead of these long posts with what seems to be unproven statements about groups, etc.The Swisshotel in Zurich is indeed a very nice hotel and one of my favorites!Peter Schuyff 1958 (Baarn, NL) is a painter and sculptor and musician.He was a prominent member of the Neo- Geo movement and showed his work at Leo Castelli Gallery (1987), Gagosian Gallery (1985) and Pat Hearn Gallery (1983).

Mexico City, Mexico 2008 Spencer Tunick: The Beautiful Game, Kunsthalle Wien, Public Space Karlsplatz, Austria Spencer Tunick: Explorations in Architecture, Hales Gallery. Le Tribu dell’Arte, Galleria Communale Arte de Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome, Italy 2000 Reaction Zone, I-20 Gallery, New York America Zone, Hales Gallery, London, UK Galeria Joao Graca, Lisbon, Portugal Perspective, FIAC 2000, Paris, France 1999 Statements (I-20), Art 30 Basel, Basel, Switzerland Someplace You Haven’t Been, Art & Public, Geneva, Switzerland Magazin 4, Vorarlberger Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria 1998 Naked States, I-20 Gallery, New York 1996 Naked Pavement, Exquisite Corpse, Burlington, Vermont 1995 America Zone, Thicket Gallery, New York 1993 Spencer Tunick, Alleged Gallery, New York Selected group exhibitions 2010 The Right to Protest, Curated by Raphie Etgar, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel Sensational Architecture, Curated by Camilla Boemio, Festa of Architecture, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale Pietro De Coubertin, Rome, Italy Party!

So in the worst case all you need to know is how to translate the word naked into the 4 national languages. It is very rude and never ever do it: notice the people around you and in what state of undress they are. Normally it is written outside the sauna if it is hot or moderate, do not raise or lower the temp than that.

;-) Just a little more complicated than a direct translation into French here in Romandie... Do not talk loudly, do not brine your i Pod with you. Shower and scrub everything before you go in even your hairs. Don't put fragrant s o oils or whatever on the hot stones, just water. Have fun and remember to drink lots of water or beer.

However, we each come to every day with our own experiences and we should each work to accept the others around us as they are. You are very bright and work hard to give others information and it is sad that many are now not reading your posts because of the repeated criticism of entire groups of people.

I would not normally post this on the open forum but you are not accepting private messages so I have no choice as I would like you to continuing posting. Down here - we "les Welsches" tend to be clothed in our saunas unless it is clearly signposted otherwise.

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