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A HIT stands for “Human Intelligence Task” and this website offers flexible working hours for Indians looking to work from Home.

o Desk – https:// Desk helps connect individual developers and freelancers with small businesses.

You can negotiate the rates with your employer and o Desk ensures your wages are paid on time.

This is the famous o Desk guarantee, which has made the website a favorite among freelancers.

When you first register on the website, you will be required to complete a few tests before you can bid for projects.

Fiverr – https:// makes Fiverr unique is that it hosts only those tasks which cost only US$ 5 to complete.Also read about India’s 5 top bloggers who earn in lakhs every month, they will inspire you to put forward your best efforts.5 Websites to earn money online Amazon Mechanical Turk – https:// Turk is a marketplace where freelancers and developers can do the work posted by businesses.Indians are looking at different ways in which they can make money online, there are hundreds of websites where you can earn money without any investments. We have created a list of five websites where you can register and earn at-least US00 or Rs 60,000 every month.Any website that asks you to invest money before you can make money online is definitely a fraud and you must proceed with caution or else you might end up losing your hard earned money. You can earn that much money by working only 100 hrs a month. It will take you months to touch that magic figure.

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Businesses require humans to do thousands of small tasks online and information about these tasks are posted online.

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