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If you or anyone that you know might interested please call or email 404-838-3574 trcfoster [email protected] is a town outside of the one i live in where at a convenience store bathroom, they have an “Accurate Weight Scale” that u put a quarter into and bla bla bla…well i put a post-it on it that said “You’re more than a number”.but in other places, I put pieces of paper with little sayings on them in the bathroom stalls usually.

Made In Italia Spreads the unique style of Italian fashion across the entire world.

I might have to start carrying my own loaded post-it pad!! Post-its are an okay idea, but not really thought through. OR You can make one more permanenet sticker and a hundred people will see it until the weather wears it away or some more industrious person spends time and energy scraping it off. I am currently in the business of giving free consultation for a body sculpting suite call body magic.

Y’all worried about “vandals” have your knickers in a twist because it’s not like spraypainting the mirror or etching it or even using a sharpie on it. No dieting, excercise, tummy tucks, lipo or gastric bypass.

This suite actually causes you to drop 3sizes under your garment. As you ware it changes the countour of the body as well as help you loose weight.

I provide free seminars and showing of the garment.

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We even offer you dating tips so that once you decide to go out on a date with a prospective partner, it will be one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences of your lifetime.

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