Android r class not updating

ffaa91d : Workaround invokesuper underspecified behavior. 95bc2f2 : Fix braino when parsing invoke transition weight.

22bd2a1 : Only fill methods with 0x FE on debug builds 5ecab6e : Do not allow OSR jump while debugging is active.

c9dbb1d : Revert "Revert "Hold dex caches live in class table"" 45968e7 : Enable profman pretty printing f102faf : Revert "Hold dex caches live in class table" d6d49e5 : Hold dex caches live in class table b089ecc : Delay dex-to-dex compilation until Optimizing is done.

2dc77ec : Fix Art Method:: Get Invoke Type for static methods on interfaces. fe179c2 : Fix race with host_dlopen_handles_ 07f468f : Initial profman support for verbose dump 7e50a7a : Relax annotation visibility so runtime includes build.

0233a41 : Add missing check for Is Shutting Down in profile saver 5a6171d : Revert "Move rewritten String Factory call results into dex registers for deopt" 17fc4bd : ART: Fix Mac build d9a720b : ART: Check whether an oat file exists before opening 0ec065d : Fix profile saver initial wait 9821cce : ART: Optimize Pre Setup pass for oat-file open 0ea451b : Move rewritten String Factory call results into dex registers for deopt 90328ac : Catch classes inheriting from themselves in the class linker. 825ab1c : ART: Fix systrace monitor logging 77143f7 : Revert "Reject classes inheriting from themselves directly or transitively." 54689b7 : Visit IMT of all classes during image writing 5fbb0fe : Adjust Profile Saver strategy 9de98ef : Reject classes inheriting from themselves directly or transitively.

12c08f0 : Make quick frames of proxy methods visited if they're constructors. Field is initialized a6e95b3 : Fix oatdump crash on arm64/arm code. 92091bd : Prevent Art Method clearing race 0dce75d : Add histogram for native allocations 12e4157 : Don't expect permission to open foreign dex use marks.

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359f2ef : Fix merging HLoad Class with HNew Instance.

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