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Rechenbach Assisted by Angelica Wanjinu Gesuga Harold M. They trust that it will prove to be of value to libraries, researchers, scholars, and governmental and commercial agencies alike, whose in- terests and concerns will benefit from a better understanding and closer communication with peoples of Africa. Kuipers Bureau of Special Research in Modern Languages The Catholic University of Americ Washington. All Rights Reserved Library of Congress Catalog Number 67-3143 8' The compilers of this Swahili-English dictionary, the first new lexical work for English speakers in many years, hope that they are offering to students and translators a more reliable and certainly a more up-to-date working tool than any previously available. adhuhuri*, adhuuri (— ) midday, noon (be- tween 12 and 2 o' clock), wakati wa — . insufficient, inadequate; deficient, faulty, unsatisfactory. leave something railway, automobile, airplane), appl. power, authority, leave/abandon/divorce; wean (a child)* 4. if the entry is commonly used only in the singular or in the plural. The indication (—) after an entry means that the entry is a noun having in the plural the same form as in the singular.

In view of these resources, the compilers of this dictionary have not felt it necessary or advis- able to expand the volume with phonetic or grammatical aids. The older literature of the language, written in Arabic characters, goes back to the seventeenth century and includes a wide range of subject matter and forms, from poetry to chronicles and history. acha, dial, ata leave (behind), desert, labedari* LPort. ] (-) pulley, block abandon; divorce (wife, husband). There is an abundance of modern material, including perhaps a thousand titles in short stories, poet- ry, scholarly works, and text books for elementary and secondary schools. * foreign loanword (from Arabic unless otherwise specified) (— ) plural the same as singular (i.e., without prefix) (= l Da ba.) abadan* 1. travel by sea; pass over, cross separated; be different, diverge (views, (river, lake, sea).

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The competitors are both English and Luganda in Uganda, both French and Lingala in the Congo.

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