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This enables the spiritual side to exert itself to an even greater degree.Based on this idea, the Talmud delineates the different stages of life: Age 30 is for peak physical strength, and age 80 is for peak spiritual strength. He was experiencing a mid-life crisis, because his athletic career was basically over.He said: "Now I have something to look forward to the rest of my life, an area where I can continue to improve and develop." Spiritual strength has never been higher, as the person prepares for his or her return to the embrace of God.

Further, Judaism teaches us to honor even an old person who no longer possesses their full mental faculties.

Far more than children, it is grandchildren who reveal the foundation and future direction of a family line.

Interestingly, today in Jewish circles there is a popular saying: "The issue is not whether you have Jewish children, it's whether you'll have Jewish grandchildren." Yahrtzeit of Sara Schneirer (1890-1935), pioneering founder of the "Bais Yaakov" girls schools.

The Talmudic tractate "Pirkei Avot" begins by telling us that Moses – after receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai – transmitted its teachings to Joshua, and from Joshua to the elders, the elders to the prophets, and the prophets to the Great Assembly.

We constantly credit our preceding generations with the wisdom upon which our entire way of life is based.

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