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- Make cruising more fun: never have to crawl, wiggle or flop into or out of your dink again!

- Be comfortable “commuting” to shore from a mooring, and SAVE 75% of dock costs.

Most knee replacements done today are done using alignment jigs and cutting blocks.

These are relatively simple devices that rely on the surgeon’s ability to see and feel when the knee is properly alignment and balanced.

It is positioned along the rail so that the the bar will rise at a comfortable distance from the transom, by tightening the clamp-bolts on the hinge.

It can be moved at will by loosening, repositioning and retightening the clamp-bolts. c) The quick-pins are removed from the aft attachment of the POWER-STRUTS, which allows the bar to fold down normally.

The hinges are seated on fiberglass deck reinforcement plates and are easily fastened to the deck with the same technique used universally to install seats and consoles. b) A harness rail runs aft from a glue on pad amidships to the transom, hugging the pontoon.

- allow free passage inside the boat b) INTEGRATED JUMP SEAT – This 4-legged seat, is built right onto the bar. c) AFT LEANING POST – Cantilevered over the outboard and fixed to the transom, it uses up almost no floor space.

It gives the helmsman the option to sit, relax and steer with the tiller or stand and carve his turns like a skier.

Component position, range of motion, ligament tensioning, and overall limb alignment are accurately and clearly viewed at every step during the operation.

Errors in techniques that would otherwise go unnoticed can be quickly seen and corrected.

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