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This works great if you are dealing with a start up or small company where there are two founders. They’ve just shown you their standard to which they judge all others. “You know that guy knows nothing about online marketing, don’t you? I’ve got twelve.” This tactic works lock-step with the one above (no. If you can trot out a fact or evidence that questions their claims or backs up yours, then you are on your way to turning the tables in your favor. Objective facts will change the game in your favor. Recently I was involved on a project with a team of really smart people. Mom tells dad to stop being mean (this can go either way — mom being mean and so on). More than likely you really wanted this date or interview to work out. Now think about the last time you sauntered into an interview, ate all the peanuts from a jar on the table and stared at the ceiling.

Another way to deal with a difficult negotiator (which can also mean negotiator) is to reset the rules by speaking to someone else. And there is more than one way to spoil a good negotiation. Anarchy is what you get when nobody is in control of the meeting. Maybe it was before a first date or first interview. That sort of indifference will not only help you to think clearly, but it will also allow you to pull off one of the best negotiation moves ever. In the end, after all options have been exhausted and you’re still not happy, exit the negotiation. If you’re emotionally tied to the outcome, then the other party has a hook in your nose. I cannot tell you how powerful it is to be able to shrug your shoulders and say, “Well, I guess this isn’t going to work out.

He hears you are a copywriter and offers to hire you.

You could find yourself working through a blog post, look down and see a client’s name show up on the screen. And you realize he’s just made you some kind of offer. And let me repeat: while this advice is directed towards writers, anyone can benefit.

The silence makes them uncomfortable so they keep talking. You make an offer, she counters immediately and you are not sure what you should do next. Once that was determined, I held them to those goals. You should say this throughout the process until you reach a point you can accept, and both sides are happy. Plus, your objections or statements may not instill confidence if the other party senses you are insecure.

And demanded we determine what we wanted to accomplish in the next ninety minutes. ” If they say no, then ask who will be making the decision. If that’s not possible, then you may just have to deal with it. You’ll either get taken advantage of or you’ll agree to terms you don’t like because you are too scared to state your terms.

New tactics are required to get the notice you deserve.

Does your gut turn, palms sweat, and heart pound when it comes down to talking price? Everyone — no matter their station in life, career or desires — has to negotiate. If that is how you view negotiation, then you will not last long. Never enter a negotiation without first establishing a position you will be satisfied with. Instead, it should be a range — ,400 to ,800 — with an itemized list of essential (read: non-negotiable) and non-essential (I’ll tell you why that is important in a minute) requirements. Your first task as a negotiator is to show people what you can do. For example, say a potential client asks for the cost to write a 1,000 word sales letter for a landing page. More than likely, though, she’ll tell you she doesn’t know. It’s a long-term strategy where you use a combination of tools like blogs, Twitter, conferences, and the phone. For example, if your gig requires travel, offer to split the difference of those expenses, keeping the deal alive. The more working parts to a negotiation means the more options you have when it comes to conceding. However, the trick is knowing what’s essential and what’s not. Cohen is exasperated at this point and basically gives away the farm. This is a variation of the Pain-Agitate-Solve formula. If you open the right hand drawer of my desk one of the first things you’ll see is a box of old business cards.

Do you self-medicate with Tums and a tumbler of Wild Turkey? And it’s a lot more fun (and profitable) when you know how to do it. Negotiations are about building a relationship, so if either side is not happy at the end, then it wasn’t a negotiation. Instead of whipping out the cost, explain to her everything you will do: research, dig through analytics, gather testimonials for proof, write a rough draft, present for evaluation, revise and so on. Either she won’t honestly know because she didn’t do her homework, or she know but doesn’t want to name her price first. For example, “I can’t do this job without direct access to your data. Well, while it’s not my normal policy, I guess I can be hand fed that info.” Keep this in mind: you are only conceding on non-essentials. Identify with their pain point, and then tell them how awful it’s going to be if they don’t do anything about it. I don’t have the knowledge.” See, it’s not about desire. Open the box, pull out a card and you’ll see on the front the standard fare: name, address and so on.

But if writing is your business I’ve learned this: you have to know how to negotiate. In my twelve years as a writer I’ve also participated in hundreds of negotiations — small and large. If you can get someone on your side from the other party during a negotiation, then you’ll have a little leverage, if not a lot. Some speculate that Google’s Glass Project, which amounted to a video concept, was a trial balloon. Remember when I said from the start that a successful negotiation was a win-win situation? You say hi, she says hi, and then jumps right into the negotiation. Email some past clients and say, “Hey Name, now might be a good time to write that sales page we talked about. After that I won’t be able to get to it for four months.” You’re bound to get a bite or two. There is an exquisite example of the effective use of delays in the book You Can Negotiate Anything.

As a web writer and direct-response copywriter I’ve studied negotiation. I’ve read the best books on influence and listened to the best podcasts. Your job is to decide what work — if any — you will do for that amount. NY Governor Cuomo did this recently with gas drilling. Pretend you just finished a project and you’ve got about three weeks before you start your next one. And to be honest, people know it works — and they don’t care.

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