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As for the Americans smiling like idiots comment, maybe they are smiling b/c they live in such a great country and they are relieved they did not grow up in europe. I love the simplicity of the country, the people and i feel at ease there.

Women feel secure with men who can provide for them.

She is thinks it's adorable that I help with household chores. She has high expectations of what I should be as a man..makes me want to be a better person._________________Sometimes "stupid" is not an insult, but a diagnosis.

Sorry to be so obvious, but this is a special interest of mine.

Their physical appearance becomes of utmost importance, because this, in their view, is their way out.

Sleeping with men who offer a way out (and perhaps even faking a relationship) may be simply another strategic move.

There is no use pretending that the beauty of the women is not part of the reason I wish to do so.[i]BESIDES APPEARANCE!!!

In countries with a low male to female ratio and with a large drug or alcohol problem (neither of which the Czech Republic has), we would expect to see women desperate to leave the country through marriage.

I've been with my Lady since April 2007 and married since March 2008...we've still not had an argument. She's also quite old fashioned even at the tender age of 21 (22 in August).

She thinks she's suppossed to stay at home and take care of our children until they're in school.

Implement the new learning and let me know how it goes.

One thing I like about my Czech girl (the only one I really know, haha), is that she didn't play games with me.

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