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Buy her a ring (a “brillante”) and she becomes your “prometida”, “esposa”, and “señora” in that order. Should things not work out here, cheer up for there is always the chance for divorce.My own observation is that 60% or more of Chilean couple (“parejas”) are separated or divorced.But today God is not necessary, for there is an even more powerful force on the planet: divorce attorneys. The attorney keeps 10% of the marital assets and the court another 10%. There is no need here for what is called a prenuptial contract, because when one marries they can either declare their assets separate ”separation de bienes” or conjoined.For that reason foreign marriages are not recognized here until they are registered with the registro civil. Now you have the rules of the road and know that not all the roads in Chile are paved.

Still the Chilean female invariably will complain that Chilean men as a whole are too short and most are what they call “machistas” meaning “chauvinists”.

Given that, there might be some financial reason and incentive why there are so many single mothers here. That chance encounter can fund the female and her remaining dalliances for quite a long time.

It is enough to make one consider joining the monastery.

Basil steers away from the opportunity and Zorba admonishes him to take part in life and not run from it.

He says, “Sometimes you just have to open your fly and join the battle(roughly transcribed).” Think of this another way. So it is for the foreigner here in Chile particularly the Gringo, the Germans, the Australian and French.

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