Dating and patience

I don’t think you should use patience as a tool to avoid a bad relationship; I think you need to use it as a tool to survive one.

Nick: I have personally never been a man with a lot of patience, in any area of my life.

I would think any girl/ boy would be turned off by a statement like that.

No one wants to be a tick in the box of a life plan.

The moral of the story is marriage and children should be a result of feelings between TWO people and not the domain of life plans or biology.

I think they might say it, but from the what I know, the “singles pool” is soooo big due to the internet, they don’t tend to worry about being alone anymore.

But look too hard and you miss out on life trying to find a partner.

Unless you’ve put yourself into a rut that consists of staying at home, going to work and coming back home, you’re likely to meet new people everyday.

Being single allows you to explore who you are, your sexuality, have free and abandoned sexual escapades and meet some incredibly cool and fun people.

It gives you the freedom to be completely selfish, to figure what you want and don’t want from a partner and relationship.

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