Dating in winter

As the weather outside gets a little more frightful, date ideas get a little more creative. For the ambitious, bring ‘em home and make pie together. You may not be able to grab drinks on a patio or pack a picnic for the beach anymore (unless you live in perfect warm sunshine year round, in which case, carry on), but the fall and winter months have plenty of great date options of their own. There’s a reason ice-skating is the go-to romantic date in winter-set romantic comedies: it’s both romantic and fun. Playful low-budget dates can include building snowmen, going sledding, and starting a snowball fight. But perhaps you can ask your parents or siblings to get you one for the holidays? Keep in mind that a bundled-up person brings out a human's tender instincts.When I see my petite friend Daisy tucked into her enormous jacket — or my boyfriend Sweet Pants with six layers under his hoodie (and a pair of De Walt de-fogger goggles to prevent his eyes from tearing when he rides his bike in sub-freezing temperatures) — I just want to hug in the whole world.

Explore the best of cool-weather craft fairs, Oktoberfest, one-of-a-kind shows, and community chili cook-offs. This is another item that, like a good pair of black boots, will never go out of style.(If you can't afford anything right now, I understand!Plus, a big steaming dish of chili or ratatouille can help you feel safe, warm, and cared for on a cold winter's night.So make up a favorite brumal olio — and encourage your friends to come on by.

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Be teammates on trivia night at a local bar, sign up for an improv class together, or just enjoy a few laughs at a comedy club.

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