Dating while battling cancer

But coming just a day after my last chemotherapy session, the question might as well have been whether I'd gone to the moon lately. Perhaps it's as common in real life as it is in movies, books, and television for cancer patients to fall in love while lying delicately in a hospital bed, losing their hair and their appetites, and often, their will to live.

"I've had cancer for the last six months," I replied. Maybe it's these magical significant others, discovered in the throes of crisis, that make the lives of those patients worth living.

There was enough crap to deal with, I thought, without subjecting myself to the dregs of the Internet.

But much of my life then was a quest for normalcy amid endless doctor's appointments, debilitating physical and mental pain, and the looming specter of my own mortality.

That was the pattern that continued with any eligible bachelor familiar with my disease.Dating via Tinder isn't an inherently pleasant experience for a twentysomething lady, but it is, at this point, a common one.While registering I couldn't help but think of the line comedian Tig Notaro, herself a breast cancer survivor, suggested for the online dating profiles of the recently diagnosed: "Serious inquiries only." I wasn't sure how much to say about my cancer, how much to let it define me.I asked all my matches the following: "Would you still have swiped right if I was bald?" The supposed scourges of humanity did not fail me. " The one exception was a clean-cut aspiring actor (what can I say, I like broke, creative types) who told me that judging from my photos he thought I had the face and the confidence to pull it off.

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