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Kurt was backstage drinking cough syrup directly from the bottle. Kurt was usually meek when meeting someone for the first time, but in his efforts to impress Courtney, he pulled out every name and credential he could—he clearly wanted to one-up her.

In a bit of fate, Courtney opened her purse and displayed her own vial of cough syrup, a more powerful brand. As Kurt soon discovered, few could gain a verbal advantage over Love.

The setting was the Satyricon, a small, dimly lit nightclub in Portland, Oregon.

“There was a lot of noise in the background,” Courtney recalled. This night, her normally booming voice was just a whisper—her ex-boyfriend and bandmate Eric Erlandson was sleeping in the next room.They parted that night but Courtney followed Nirvana’s career the way a baseball pitcher in the American League might follow the exploits of a National League player.She read Nirvana’s clips in the rock press, and she put Kurt’s Chim Chim sticker on her guitar case, even though she remained unconvinced about the band—their early material was too metal for her.Without his high-school wrestling experience, she might have won the tussle.But the roll on the floor was all in jest, and he pulled her up with his arms and gave her a peace offering—a sticker of Chim Chim, the “Speed Racer” monkey he had made his mascot.

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