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For the dances meant for small kids, this time they made a elder dancer dance with them, so that kids can refer to him/her and follow the steps. In addition to the technicalities, music , coordination and MCing , managing 300 performers backstage, most of them kids, for 3 hours, is a challenge.Even if you do not intend to take up dancing full time, Courses from Swingers or other such institutions are a great opportunity to overcome your inhibitions and learn some steps/body movements, make new friends in the process and have good time in general.They seem to have different courses for different age groups, ranging from small kids to adults.I later noticed that they’ve displayed a board outside, listing names of performers in each item.9.As far as I know, ticket sale opened just 48 hours before the show-shows that they are fully confident of selling all tickets (parents and friends who wish to see the performance of their ward/friend will anyway have to buy the tickets)10.

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