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The member can post video about themselves doing any activity and link that video to their blogs, but it will be only visible to paid members.Other information about personality includes education, relationship status, employment status, body type, political thoughts, favorite books, video games, movies, music and other areas of interests (which help them in marching with other members having same interests)If you want to learn more about Geek 2 Geek or you want to become a member, just give a try.Even though this was supposed to be a big Arkansas local dating website,.The 1 or 2 guys that tried to contact me were fugly losers that I had 0 attraction to right off the bat.(Sorry 300lbs is gross) There are a few "genuine" dating websites, but they want big money per month for hooking you up, and the people on there, don't expect 10/10's that are begging for sex, set your standards low.

Maybe mutual admiration of of the Periodic Table of Elements and isn't the ideal deal way for you to seek out a mate.

The Geek website creator feels how it was difficult for geeks to find similar nature geeks on traditional dating websites, that’s why he created a Geek website that target people with common interests and match common personalities.

The age parameters are set on default set at 18-50 but a member can override this.

I can't get females, but that doesn't bother me caus..know I like cocks.

Also I don't have a phone that can use apps I'm poor.

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