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Some examples: The going to of this future construction is frequently contracted in colloquial English to gonna, and in some forms of English the copula may also be omitted.

Hence "You're going to like it" could be said as "You're gonna like it" or just "You gonna like it".

The original construction involved physical movement with an intention, such as "I am going [outside] to harvest the crop." The location later became unnecessary, and the expression was reinterpreted to represent a near future.

The colloquial form gonna and the other variations of it as mentioned in the following section result from a relaxed pronunciation of going to.

Constructions analogous to the English going-to future are found in some other languages, including French and Spanish.

The going-to future originated by the extension of the spatial sense of the verb go to a temporal sense (a common change, the same phenomenon can be seen in the preposition before).

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They can provide a distinction between the spatial and temporal senses of the expression: "I'm gonna swim" clearly carries the temporal meaning of futurity, as opposed to the spatial meaning of "I'm going [in order] to swim".

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