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Use the same manners you would if you were in person or on the telephone with anyone. Avoid excessive jargon and word emoticons There are certain abbreviations that have become commonplace in the chatting world such as “bbl,” which stands for be back later and “brb,” which stands for be right back.

But sometimes you will come into contact with people who have an abbreviation for every word.

While it is not always necessary to write out every word, there are still some general rules of etiquette that are advisable to follow in chat situations, especially if the person at the other end is someone that you do not know very well.

This article by April Aragam explains some of these guidelines that will help you to maintain a professional appearance online.

There are people who will say that it makes typing faster, but in many cases the word is exactly the same length, just different letters.

Unless you’re a teenager chatting to another teenager, you can type normally.

One of the most annoying things in chat is when someone messages you to ask how you are and then has nothing else to say.

You can chat with friends, business colleagues, and strangers.

Though chatting is so easy and carefree, there are still manners and etiquettes that need to be observed: 1.

Chat is one of the most common forms of communication these days.

Unlike the phone, you can have numerous conversations at once.

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