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1 smash, “Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer,” and playfully asks the crowd for a small favor: “If you don’t like it, just look at me like you do.” No need to worry. I had all these crazy things on, necklaces, whatever,” Billy says, sitting on a sofa in a dark T-shirt and jeans in fellow Late Late Show guest Adam Brody’s small dressing room. Although he can sing romantic ballads with the best of them, this self-declared beach bum’s trademark is easygoing, light, feel-good fare like “People Are Crazy” and “That’s How Country Boys Roll.” Enjoy Yourself, as the album title suggests, focuses on primarily care-free, upbeat tracks, although that wasn’t the original intention.

Billy’s taping is such a hit on the Los Angeles set that warm-up act Chunky B, who introduced the singer/songwriter, announces afterward, “I want you to know I’m 100 percent heterosexual, but when he was singing, he was turning me on.”from his fourth studio album, Enjoy Yourself, marked his fourth consecutive Billboard No. But the 36-year-old isn’t so far removed from his early days that he can’t reflect on some of the lessons learned along the way. (Actor Adam won’t arrive until later and Billy’s band is hanging in his dressing room.) “I remember being up there, feeling uncomfortable. “When I looked through my i Tunes folder [of songs], only the ones that were happy and fun kept rising to the top,” Billy says.

He grimaces as he remembers his first TV appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno a few years back. “I had two sad ones that were really great, but they just didn’t fit.” Unlike on his previous sets, Billy decided to leave the songwriting to others.

“I started going through all the songs I’d written a couple of years back and the new ones and put them up against the ones I was finding and I just stopped.

I’ll always be part of country music, but life’s short and I’ve got a lot of dreams.” He pauses, then adds with a smile, “I’ve got big dreams that are Billy adopted the Labrador retriever four years ago when he was a mere pup and now the two are inseparable.“I got [him] off the Internet. I found him on the Internet at 6 weeks old and they shipped him to me.”Mr. Purple’], he jumps up.” Paco, who is on the road with his master on Carrie Underwood’s tour, took to the traveling life instantly. “I get lost all the time,” admits the exercise buff, who loves to go for a jog when he’s on tour.

I looked for a year for a chocolate Lab and I just kept going to different websites. Purple became Paco, after a goofy nickname that Billy and one of his friends were calling each other at the time. “I run so far, sometimes I’ll do, like, two hours and just go and go and go.

I need a GPS.”Sense of direction aside, running helps Billy’s mind and body.

“It definitely relieves stress naturally and it makes me feel like I’m becoming a better person mentally and physically,” he says. “Find something you’ll love and not hate to do every day.” Then keep doing it.

He gets coffee from all these third-world countries. “I want to do about 50 different kinds of albums,” he says.

“I started making this one particular tea that consists of tropical flowers from other countries,” he says.

“I learned from a very nice sweet lady who told me how to do it.

“Every mile that I run I know that I’m getting better in some form or another.”For Billy, a former personal trainer, working out on the road has become much easier since he recently expanded to two tour buses, allowing him to carry weights and a bench press with him. Billy carefully watches what he eats, although he admits he can’t always control that on the road since he’s usually eating what backstage catering has to offer.

His workouts alternate between his bus, a gym, running and swimming in whatever body of water is closest. “The first thing I do is drink a couple bottles of water in the morning,” he says.

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“I’d be very simple and very open and very energetic,” he says.

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