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Andrew Schmuhl’s trial opened with the testimony of Duncan, who calmly recalled the horrific events of that fall day.It was a quiet Sunday evening when the doorbell rang.Leo Fisher hugged members of his family after the hearing ended. Prosecutors said Schmuhl and his wife, Alecia Schmuhl, hatched a plan to get even with Fisher, because he had fired Alecia Schmuhl two weeks earlier from his Arlington law firm Bean, Kinney & Korman.Andrew Schmuhl also discovered shortly before the attack he would soon owe tens of thousands of dollars and prosecutors contended he hoped to get money, gold or something else of value from Fisher. “Taking this couple who had been married for 40 years and making sure you know their lives are being held in your hands and then carving them up like a piece of meat.” Schmuhl’s attorneys countered with a defense that was by their own description “exotic.” They did not refute their client committed the attack but argued Schmuhl was so intoxicated on painkillers and other drugs he could not be held responsible for his actions or judge right from wrong.Fairfax County Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Casey Lingan told the jury “hate and greed” fueled the plot. After Schmuhl fled the home, police found him in the getaway car wearing nothing but a diaper.

Schmuhl looked straight ahead as the verdict was read and displayed no emotion.You will be able to find new partner(s) to hookup with as you will soon meet the hottest singles on the internet. Whether you're looking for chat, webcams, or adult personals, you'll find it at My Black Book. A Virginia lawyer was convicted Tuesday of taking a law firm partner and his wife hostage in their upscale Mc Lean home in 2014 and then slashing both of their throats as part of a revenge plot.A Fairfax County jury deliberated for more than seven hours before returning guilty verdicts on all charges against Andrew Schmuhl, 33, of Springfield.

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