Porsha dating again

Can she remain a RHOA with Todd since on record In DC he is on Welfare and makes well below the poverty line and can’t pay anything for support, he lost custody of both children in 2014 after his parents were tired of raising his kids.

Maybe that’s whose EBT card Porsha was caught with in ATL!!

Also the photos above are the only ones I saw in Instagram and they only showed up two weeks ago. I hope you can forgive me for that, but there is only so much twerking a girl can take.

Also, Porsha cut her hair after this photo and went with a really short, cute style only to post on Instagram that her man didn’t like it and said she looked like a boy. Is anyone surprised that Porsha’s violent outbursts and bizarre relationships with scrubs she meets online is continuing this season?

Evidently he doesn’t want to appear to be the total dead beat dad that the boys have proclaimed to DC courts most recently.

However, she has um…”dated” some wealthy men and to me it would make more sense to poke a hole in a condom or six so she would have someone to hit up for child support.Word is they [the kids] have not spoken to Todd Stewart in Two years after he was closely involved all their natural lives and their relationship ended in a screeching halt once they left the home of his parents in DC where both boys lived mainly while Todd traveled.Most recently they heard she might be trying to have a baby with their father meanwhile he offers no support to either teen nor attempts any contact except through court petitions to their mother.Meanwhile Todd has always pranced around with NFL players after a failed football career as a TERP but has finally hit jackpot with Ms.Porsha Stewart who has no clue about his estranged sons nor has met them although loves her new Bae unaware of his questionable past as a dad.

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