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Pedestrians should travel in pairs when possible to deter thieves. Note There is a veto on the export of antiques, art objects over 100 years old, animal skins and objects made from skins.Calcutta is generally a safer city for pedestrians than New Delhi, but visitors should nonetheless take commonsense precautions and avoid poorly lit areas at night. Nightlife India has generally little nightlife as the term is understood in the West, although in major cities a few Western-style shows, clubs and discos are being developed.Newcomers should try to get the most detailed directions possible before setting off, since city maps are rudimentary and outdated.

Western India November to February is most comfortable, although evenings can be fairly cold.Western Himalayas Srinagar is best from March to October; July to August can be unpleasant; cold and damp in winter. Places like Gulmarg, Manali and Pahalgam are usually under several feet of snow (December to March) and temperatures in Ladakh can be extremely cold. Required clothing: Light- to mediumweights are advised from March to October, with warmer wear for winter.Weather can change rapidly in the mountains and therefore it is important to be suitably equipped. Northern Plains Extreme climate, warm inland from April to mid-June, falling to almost freezing at night in winter between November and February.Pickpockets and snatch-and-run thieves commonly key on foreigners in public places and throw all kinds of substances at them to soil their clothing.An accomplice then offers to help the victim, diverting attention from the thief who slips away with whatever he can. Tipping: Taxis and restaurants do not expect to be tipped, however, hotel and airport porters should be tipped around Rs20, and guides and drivers Rs100 per day where service is not included (equaling roughly 10 per cent where appropriate).

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20 00 N, 77 00 E lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m highest point: Kanchenjunga 8,598 m total: 14,103 km border countries: Bangladesh 4,053 km, Bhutan 605 km, Burma 1,463 km, China 3,380 km, Nepal 1,690 km, Pakistan 2,912 km droughts; flash floods, as well as widespread and destructive flooding from monsoonal rains; severe thunderstorms; earthquakes coal (fourth-largest reserves in the world), iron ore, manganese, mica, bauxite, titanium ore, chromite, natural gas, diamonds, petroleum, limestone, arable land arable land: 48.83% permanent crops: 2.8% other: 48.37% (2005) deforestation; soil erosion; overgrazing; desertification; air pollution from industrial effluents and vehicle emissions; water pollution from raw sewage and runoff of agricultural pesticides; tap water is not potable throughout the country; huge and growing population is overstraining natural resources Hot tropical weather with variations from region to region.

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