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Then came the news that she had cancer and the treatments that inspired her documentary, which startled the entertainment industry with its impact: an estimated nine million people watched when it was broadcast on May 15, delivering NBC’s highest ratings for that time period, other than the Olympics, in more than a year.

Fawcett was back in the headlines—as were O’Neal and Stewart, who were both hailed and excoriated for abetting a project that many saw as ghoulish and voyeuristic, turning a harrowing death in progress into the ultimate reality show.

Phil recently had his bushy beast of a ‘ shaved off–on national television–by none other than Oprah Winfrey, the woman responsible for foisting Dr. Lo-ward have mercy butter beans, does no one have any sense of decency or shame anymore?

Day after day, O’Neal and Stewart took Fawcett’s favorite treats to the hospital, trying to tempt her to eat: green-corn tamales, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese.

When she was conscious, she thanked them in her soft, whispery little voice—“That’s so beautiful! “When she turned 60, we had this celebratory birthday where I shot my son,” O’Neal said, his tone as casual as if there had been nothing conversation-stopping about such a remark. Farrah was lying in bed, and she could hear it all—fights, swinging, gunshots. ” Baring his teeth in a faux-cheery grin, he launched into an energetic rendition of “Happy Birthday to You.”O’Neal has four children by three different women; the son he shot at was Griffin, but Redmond, the deeply troubled child of Fawcett and O’Neal, was also fair game for mordant remarks.

Phil–who is not actually a medical doctor of any kind–nor do we care for his particular brand of tough talking psycho-babble hyperbole delivered in the most dramatic fashion possible in order to keep the television viewing audience from getting bored and flipping the channel to one of the many soap stories that plug up the airwaves during the mid-day hours.

Here’s our real beef puppies, we fear deep in our soul that what happens on Dr.

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Maybe next time The Big O can take a pumice stone to his heels or maybe she’ll use him as a model to illustrate how best to birdies indicates the house includes a number of celebrity-style features like a double height rotunda entrance hall with diamond pattern stone flooring and sweeping dual staircases for making dramatic entrances (and exits), a screening room, natch, a billiards room, his and hers offices, staff quarters, and a beauty boo- where Dr. Other amenities of the completely walled and double-gated property located in what is arguably the best part of Beverly Hills include, according to listing information, a double height formal living room, formal dining room, library, family room, a colossal kitchen, and a half-circle shaped breakfast room with dizzying mirrored walls. A pathway descends to the large, rectangular shaped swimming pool that has kooky and kind of disturbing statues standing at the corners, and a raised, circular spa where Not A Medical Dr.

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  1. And that got us wondering, if Noel and Lisa Raye ever got married... Now they just go all white or spanish, leaving beautiful American black girls with nothing but foreign trash or white men. How can yall speak on her character when I'm certain none of you know her personally? Hardly any Christians actually live like Jesus anyway so why not have a ratchet reality show....many Christians are ratchet everyday. You can meet(lawyers,busy professionals, benefactors. models, celebrities, etc….)If you are single, perhaps you can have a try. I wrote about this recently ( because the values of reality TV don't align with the job of a church leader. It saddens me that Pastors now a day feel they have to resort to woman in the world.

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