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It refers to the Byzantine Empire, which was then simply known as the "Roman Empire" and had not yet acquired the designation "Byzantine," an academic term applied only after its dissolution.

The city of Rome itself is known in modern Arabic as Rūmā The Qur'an includes Surat Ar-Rum (the sura dealing with "the Romans", sometimes translated as "The Byzantines").

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Historical people so designated include the following: The Greek surname Roumeliotis stems from the word Rûm borrowed by Ottomans.

', suggests that the title of Rûm was passed from the Roman Empire based in Italy to the Byzantine Empire, then to the Ottoman Empire when the Ottomans defeated the Byzantines, and openly proclaimed to be the inheritors of Rome and its leader Mehmed II called himself the Caesar of Rome (Qaysar al-Rûm), and the title of Rûm was then passed to the successors of Rûm, the modern Republic of Turkey.

The book argues that the definition of Rûm has never been defined by ethnicity, geography or religion but that Rûm was always understood to be a political term and that it was only by conquest and succession that a nation would become the inheritors of the title of Rûm. Hosein, Rûm, mentioned in the Quran refers to the Eastern Orthodox Church, which was located in the Byzantine Empire, with Constantinople as its capital.

The Chinese also referred to Rum as Wulumu 務魯木 during the Qing dynasty. In Al-Andalus any Christian slave girl who had embraced Islam was named Roumiya.

her affair being the putative cause of the Moorish invasion of Hispania in AD 711.

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