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Account Settings Controller apex class Apex , API , Communities Certain API DML operations with or without the community user context will throw parsing error of the applauncher.

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You don't have to sit with us." (This was my uncle's decision when his 12-year-old wanted to go on a date. I kind of believe in the trust 'em (your child - you don't need to trust anyone else's if you trust yours) until they give you a reason not to. Had to chime in here with my 2 cents so to speak... But I can only say how I feel now with a beautiful little almost-4yo and another sweet 2mo old little lady.

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SQL Server 2005 monitors changes to the result set of a particular SQL command.

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Oru mari iruku Antony: Anni ipa neenga thukalana apram veengidum Antony: athan solran Antony: kaatunga anni Sharmila : Seri nu na mutti varikum thookuren Antony: hmmmm na mutti kitta first thadavuren Sharmila : Mm ahhh nala iruku da Antony: hmmmm konjam konjam apdiye ulla kaya kondu poren Sharmila : Mm na correct a padhi thodai varikum sare a thookuren Sharmila : Adhuku mela thooka matren Antony: hmmm unga thodai semaya iruku atha paathu enaku mood aguthu..

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"We were living solely off of Owsley's good graces at that time. [His] trip was he wanted to design equipment for us, and we were going to have to be in sort of a lab situation for him to do it," said Garcia.

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I played a lot of retro-style games in 2016, and unfortunately a lot that I really liked (such as “Crypt of the Necro Dancer” and “Darkest Dungeon”) didn’t quite make the cut, for one reason or another, but the three that I ended up picking are utterly fantastic!