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She intends to take it to the Californian Legislature to make punishments the same as for public flashing. Eileen believes they should simply say "Okay" and move on, which is just what most women online do.Repeated rejection, however, may be a call for self-reflection.And besides, as Ali says, "Comparing hostility from men and women is not comparing apples to apples.

This article is about consensual adult sadomasochistic activity."I sympathise with them being insecure, but I don't sympathise with them being arseholes." Ali considers the Bye Felipe account to be a social commentary on sexism.Online abuse, she says, "is the same concept as being catcalled, the same thing that's happened to women throughout history." Her favourite posts are those in which the woman uses humour to reply to the abusive or inappropriate message, such as this one using a photo of a man's bum posing as breasts.For the medical condition involving non-consensual ideation or behaviour, see Sexual sadism disorder.For the medical condition in which pain/humiliation is required for sexual arousal and causes distress or impairment, see Sexual masochism disorder.

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I discovered Bye Felipe a couple of years ago, after trying online dating as a 40-something divorcee.

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