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I am so glad I found this site because it is so nice to be able to learn from other people's experiences!

The meetup site seems a lot different then it was a while back...

Please don't join hoping to find a date, there are other Meetup groups for that" or something like that.

I put it up after one particularly obnoxious guy hit on every single woman at one of our events (including the married ones), but took it off a few months after I removed him.

I organized groups for many years (over 5) via meetup-took a break and tried to use other means to get us together and came back to meetup because it is such a good tool for planning out events.

It does seem like at one time there was a way you could communicate with other organizers via Meetup but I guess that option is now gone. I have had difficulties with people joining the group JUST to meet other singles.

I used to have a statement something like, "This group is open to everyone, both couples and singles.

Also, I do not believe that organizer questions are extremely effective for identifying hookup artists. Men and women have been hooking up since Cro Magnon days. They have the opportunity to get together in a casual setting often with a mutual interest. I just want to have people in the gorp that are in the group to hike an meet other people whether they are single or not.

I have been fooled before and until they interact with the group, all bets are off. I hear what your saying about the group being restricted to one sex but that is not the issue that I am having.

they don't get it and don't last long All that said, if people join my group and meet/date, that's great -- no problem. I even at one time had a lady who brought me some paper work that she wanted me to sign regarding her divorce, apparently she and her (soon to be) ex were constantly harassing each other so the mediator/judge wanted to ensure that they were both doing other things and meeting other people so they would stop harassing each other.

It's the joining for the sole purpose of scoping out prospects that I have a problem with. Well, she came to one meeting where I signed the paperwork saying that she had joined the group-never saw her again.

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I am not implying that flirtation will not occur at a sit down dinner of only 10 guests, but many mingling singles may look elsewhere. The reason that I know that people join my group to meet (and only to meet) singles at times is because they show up on occasion based on the pictures they view (you just know this is happening no explanation necessary) and do not (on occasion) talk or "mingle" with the other people in the group that are of the opposite sex, different ages, married etc. They also quite often contact people in the group via the messaging service and try to arrange meetings.

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